Things to do in Bhuj

Sightseeing in Bhuj

Sightseeing in Bhuj There are many Things to do in Bhuj like Sightseeing in Bhuj. There are various old and interesting museums in Bhuj. Bhuj city is very popular for its old Havelis, and very old and unique palaces. One of the best sightseeing in Bhuj is the old Kutch Museum. It is one of the oldest Museum in Gujarat. Previously was called as Fergusson Museum as Sir James Fergusson was the founder of this Museum. The Museum was built near the beautiful and attractive surrounding of the Hamirsar Lake. The museum has displayed very unique collections of embroidery artwork, rare collections of silver and golden work, wood carving artwork, old utensils, arms, sculpture and unique metal work, old and unique paintings, musical instruments. The museum also has collections of unique coins, which are kori, a very old coin, which was the currency of Kutch and was used till 1948.
The Aina Mahal is very beautiful and unique Palace. The walls of Aina Mahal Palace are made of marbles. The hall of mirrors of Aina Mahal was made of Venetian glass. The walls of hall of mirrors were made of marble and are covered with mirrors. The floor of the hall of mirrors is made of tiles. There are a series of water fountains in the Aina Mahal. The design of the palace was influenced from the European. The palace is a unique Indian palace, which was built in the mid of eighteenth century. The palace also works as a museum displaying unique items, artworks and rare painting.
Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Museum has big collections of Kutchi crafts. The museum has displayed beautiful and rare paintings, textile arts such as water jugs made of mud, wooden and terracotta horses. The museum has five major sections. The Ethnological section, this section contains rare works of literature. Other sections contain artworks and handicrafts like leather embroidery, wood work, wood carvings, wall paintings, stone carvings, musical instruments, knives and swords and silver work.
Prag Mahal is also very old and unique Palace in bhuj. This Mahal is very much famous for its bell tower. Peoples can climb the bell tower, from where you can view the whole city.

Shopping in Bhuj

Shopping in Bhuj If you are passionate of collecting traditional handmade stuff, handicrafts or artwork then Bhuj is the best place to visit and fulfill your passion. Bhuj is very famous for work on gold and silver jewelry. Shopping in Bhuj also includes handmade colourful bags and traditional clothes such as embroidery clothing. There are various types of embroidery clothing available in bhuj such as aari, aahir, chakan, gotanv, jatfakira, jatgarasiya, kambira and khuditebha, katri, kharek, mukko, neran, pakko, rabari, soof,etc. Bhuj Shopping also includes famous bandhni (tie and Dye), leather work, block-printing, and woodcarving.