Traditional Sports Festival Bhuj

Traditional Sports Festival Bhuj

The brand games like cricket and tennis games are very famous all over India. But the traditional sports have not yet lost its popularity among the people living in villages as well as people living busy life in the city. People living a busy life take out some time from their busy life to see this Traditional Sports Festival Bhuj. Bhuj is a spirited city and people of Bhuj are very creative and talented. Every year a festival called Fulay Garda is held in Bhuj. Fulay Garda is a Traditional Sports Festival Bhuj. Fulay Garda was held on Saturday 6th September 2014. This festival is a very spirited festival and was celebrated with great enjoyment. Traditional sports fans from all over the country come to see the spirit of this festival.

Activities held during Traditional Sports Festival Bhuj

Sports and games are held during this Bhuj Traditional Sports Festival. The Bhuj Sports Festival has games like wrestling Face Off and Kabaddi, etc. The sports also have racing games. Racing games are horse racing and bull racing, etc. The best and popular game among these sports is wrestling Face-off. In wrestling Face Off two wrestlers fight with each other. The last man standing wins the wrestling Face-off match. People of Bhuj take part in this wrestling match. People from the surrounding region also come to see and take part in this game. People of Bhuj take part in racing such as Bull racing. Bull racing is one of the spirited sports. People taking part in this game give special meals to their bulls. They give healthy foods and maintain their bull so well in order to take part in racing. Those people who have their own horse take part in Horse racing. The city has good Kabaddi players who take part in Kabaddi. There are prizes for first and second spot of each game. Bhuj is very attractive and lovely city and there are famous tourist places to visit in Bhuj. There are good luxury and Budget Hotels in Bhuj. Bhuj Hotels offers cheap stay in Bhuj. Bhuj Resorts are good for staying in Bhuj. Tourist coming to see this Traditional Sports Festival can easily stay in Bhuj as there are many Hotels and Resorts in Bhuj.

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