Bhuj Weather

Weather in Bhuj

Bhuj city is in the western side of India, and is very famous for its unique old havelis and palaces, museums, beautiful temples. The people who are fond of exploring of old monuments and temples will love to explore this city. Weather in Bhuj is hot during summer. Bhuj Climate is rainy in the month of June and weather of Bhuj is cold during winter. Check out Bhuj Weather Forecast details.

Weather of Summer Season in Bhuj: Weather of Bhuj is hot during summers. The minimum Bhuj temperature during summer is about 22 degree celsius and rises up to the level of about 40 degree celsius. People in bhuj mostly wear cotton clothes in summer to beat the heat. Summer seasons are considered as not the best time to visit bhuj because of the temperature level.

Weather of Monsoon or Rainy Season in Bhuj: Rainfall in the city of Bhuj is during the months of June, July, August and September. Rainfall is heavy during the month of June and gets the most amount of rain in this month. Rainfall during the months of July, August and September is not as heavy as in the month of June, the intensity of the rain during these months are moderate. . As the temperature is not high as compared to summer season Monsoon or Rainy Season is also a favorable weather to visit Bhuj.

Weather of Winter Season in Bhuj: Winter Season in Bhuj occurs from November to March. The Average temperature is from 8 degree celsius to 35 degree celsius that is minimum temperature in Winter Season is about 8 degree celsius and the maximum temperature in winter season is about 35 degree celsius. Bhuj Weather in this season is considered the best season to visit and explore Bhuj Attractions. People mostly prefer woolen clothes during this season in Bhuj.

Bhuj Temperature

Bhuj Temperature of different seasons is shown below that is the minimum temperature in Bhuj during summer and winter and maximum temperature in Bhuj during summer and winter.

Minimum Temperature: 22 degree celsius (summer), 8 degree celsius (winter).

Maximum Temperature: 40 degree celsius (summer), 36 degree celsius (winter).

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Bhuj Climate

Bhuj Climate of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December is shown in the table below. Bhuj Weather Forecast can also be understood from below table.
* Max Temp - Maximum Average Temperature.
* Min Temp - Minimum Average Temperature.
City Month Min Temp Max Temp Mean Rainfall Bhuj January 27.1 8.8 2 Bhuj February 30.1 11.8 1.5 Bhuj March 35.1 17.4 2.1 Bhuj April 38.8 22 1.1 Bhuj May 39.6 25.3 7.5 Bhuj June 37.5 27.1 38 Bhuj July 34 26.3 125.7 Bhuj August 32.8 25.3 103.5 Bhuj September 34.3 23.9 63.1 Bhuj October 36.4 20.7 19.7 Bhuj November 32.7 15.1 8.5 Bhuj December 28.4 10.1 1