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Bhuj culture is very popular culture. Bhuj people are very friendly in nature. Tourism in Bhuj is a best idea because Bhuj is a historic city. Tourist can explore new things and get to know new things. Gujarat Tourism Bhuj will take you to ancient time of royal kings and queens. Gujarat tourism Bhuj is a wonderful experience. This Bhuj Tourism gives details and facts about Bhuj.

Bhuj Weather

Bhuj Weather Summers are hot in Bhuj. In monsoon season, rains are heavy in the month of June. In winter season, temperature ranges from 8 degree celsius up to 35 degree celsius. The best time is winter season. Check out more about Bhuj Weather by clicking the below link.

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Bhuj Map

Bhuj Map Bhuj Map will help you to find the location of Best Bhuj Hotels, Bhuj Resorts and places in Bhuj. Bhuj Tourism will help you to explore Bhuj Map. To find the location and places in Bhuj, click the link given below.

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Places to visit in Bhuj

Places to visit in Bhuj There are a number of Tourist Attractions in Bhuj. The city is famous for its Hamirsar Lake. This lake is situated in the heart of Bhuj. The surroundings of this lake are very beautiful. Bhuj Tourism will help you to explore Bhuj Attractions.

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Places to visit near Bhuj

Places to visit near Bhuj After visiting Bhuj, one can visit places near Bhuj. The popular places near Bhuj are Bhujodi, Ashapura Crafts Park. Bhuj Tourism will help you to explore attractive places near Bhuj.

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Bhuj Shopping

Bhuj Shopping Bhuj is very famous place for shopping handicrafts like embroidery clothing. People can directly buy embroidery clothing from the artisans itself. People from surrounding regions also bring their art work in Bhuj and sell.

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About Bhuj

About Bhuj Bhuj is a walled city, situated in Kutch district, Gujarat. The city is called a walled city because Bhuj is surrounded by a fort, whose walls are 35 feet high. Bhuj peoples are very famous for their art works. The city is also famous for its unique havelis and statues. Bhuj is well known for its unique temples. Bhuj is also very popular for its unique Mahals. Bhuj Culture is very unique and interesting.
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History of Bhuj

History of Bhuj Bhuj has witnessed majestic events which changed the life of the peoples. The city of Bhuj got its name from the fortress called Bhujia Fortress. Bhuj was founded in 1510, and the founder of the Bhuj was a local ruler named Maharao Hamir. The city of Bhuj was also struck by two earthquakes.

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Bhuj Festival

Bhuj Festival Bhuj Festival includes Rann Mahosav also known as the Desert Festival. In this festival the main attraction is the exhibition of art works and handicrafts made by the artisans of Bhuj. There are also many traditional events such as dance, musical, etc. In this festival we can see the culture of Bhuj.

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Restaurants in Bhuj

Restaurants in Bhuj There are many restaurants in Bhuj like Ryan, B Cube, etc. These restaurants are among the famous restaurants in Bhuj. The facilities provided by these restaurants are good.

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How to reach Bhuj

How to reach Bhuj Bhuj is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Rajkot, etc. One can reach Bhuj by Train, Bhuj by Bus, Bhuj by Road, and Bhuj by Air.

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Bhuj Attractions

Bhuj Attractions Bhuj is very famous for Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Aina Mahal Palace, Kera Temple, Swaminarayan Mandir, Cenotaphs Complex, Sharad Baug Palace these are the major Bhuj attractions of Tourism in Bhuj.

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Bhuj People

Bhuj People Bhuj people are well known for their friendly nature. People of Bhuj are very famous for their artworks like embroidery, tie and Dye, leather work, block-printing, etc. They also welcome their guest with lots and lots of love.

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Money Changers in Bhuj

Money Changers in Bhuj Bhuj Tourism will help you to Find Money Changers addresses and location in Bhuj where you can change the foreign currency, please click the link given below to know more.

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Bhuj Distance

Bhuj Distance Bhuj Tourism will help you to know the distance between Bhuj and major cities such as Ahmedabad to Bhuj distance, Rajkot to Bhuj distance, Mumbai to Bhuj distance, Vadodara to Bhuj distance, Delhi to Bhuj distance, Pune to Bhuj, and Jaipur to Bhuj.

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