Bhuj Temple

Temples in Bhuj

There are very famous Temples in Bhuj. The Bhuj Temple which is very famous among the Bhuj People and all over the world is Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj. The Bhuj Temple which is very old and said to be 10th century old is the Kera Temple. These Temples of Bhuj are very popular for their structural Design. People from all over the world come to see these Temples of Bhuj.

Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj

Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj is a Hindu temple. This Bhuj temple was built by Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Bhuj is among the places where Lord Shree Swaminarayan built the temple Himself.

About Shree Swaminarayan and the devotees Shree Swaminarayan was always impressed by the devotees of Kutch. When he became the spiritual leader of the Sampraday, he visited Kutch in 1860 and spent about 30 years of his life in Gujarat and visited Kutch more than 20 times. Devotees of Kutch included Ladhiba, Sundarji Suthaar, Gangaram Mall and many more.

The Original Temple Shree Swaminarayan was in the famous Fuldol festival in Gadhada where devotees Gangarambhai, Sundarjibhai and many more devotees from Bhuj went to meet him and requested him to build a temple in Bhuj. He was delighted and very happy to fulfill the request of his devotees. So he went to Vaishnavananand Swami and asked him to go with a team of saints to bhuj and build a temple. Vaishnavananand Swami and a team of saints went to bhuj in 1822 and made plans for the original bhuj temple. The team worked with all small details taken into consideration and within a short period of time, one year, on 15 May 1823, the idols were installed by Shree Swaminarayan. Swaminarayan himself decorated this temple and had himself kept the idols of Narnarayan Dev and Hari-Krishna Maharaj.
The murti's of Radha-Krishna Dev, Hari-Krishna Maharaj, and Ghanshyam Maharaj are placed in Temple. The images of Ganapati bappa and Hanumanji are also housed in Temple.

Bhuj Earthquake The earthquake of 21 January 2001 in Gujarat damaged the city of Bhuj, including the north side of the temple. Miraculously the idols in the temple remained undamaged. However, now, after the discussions and agreement between Acharya Maharajshree, Saints and the devotees from across the globe, and due to the irreparable damage of the original temple, It was decided to reconstruct this new temple a short distance away from the original site and that the idols would be placed inside a new grand temple.

New Temple Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj Through the encouragement of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan, and the spirits of the devotees from all across the globe, and the power of bhuj saints, a spectacular and beautiful temple has been constructed using traditional Vedic architectural methods on the banks of Hamirsar Lake. The first brick installation function was on 7 May 2003, it took about 7 years for completing the construction of temple. The inauguration of this Bhuj temple was on 15 May till 23 May 2010. The construction of temple cost of about 1 billion Indian rupees that is approximately about 100 crore on 5 acres that is about 20,000 square meter of land. The new temple is built of only pure marble and gold. The temple has 7 pinnacles. The temple has one central dome, 25 small domes and 258 pillars. The temple domes, doors are made of gold and the pillars and ceilings of temple are made of pure high quality marble. The edges of temple are beautifully carved into the icy marble of Makrana and Ambaji, which gives it a heavenly beauty, serenity and the divine resemblance to the temple.

Kera Temple Bhuj

Kera temple Bhuj is very unique and beautiful temple of Bhuj. Kera temple houses Lord Shiva. This temple of Bhuj is said to be 10th century old. The temple was damaged in the earthquake which had hit the city of bhuj in 1819. Only some part of the temple remained undamaged. This Bhuj Temple must be very attractive in its original form, which is clear from the remains of temple. Kera Temple Bhuj is just 22 km to the south of Bhuj.