Bhuj Shopping

People who are passionate of collecting handmade items such as Handicrafts and artwork then Bhuj is the best place to visit and fulfill your passion of collecting unique handmade items. There are Shopping Malls in Bhuj. Names of Bhuj Shopping Malls are Bharat Shopping Mall and Smruti Shopping Mall. There are various Shopping things in Bhuj Shopping Malls such as unique and beautiful work done on gold jewelry and silver jewelry, artwork on seashell such as seashell toys, artwork on wooden such as wood carving, handmade beautiful embroidery clothing and colourful bags. Shopping in the city of Bhuj also includes tie die that is Bandhini, silk embroidery work on leather.

Shopping in Bhuj

Shopping in Bhuj is very enjoyable and a life time experience. Bhuj is very interesting place to travel and shop because of its beautiful and unique old Palaces, Temples and twisting lanes. Tourists from all over the world and from all corners of India come for Shopping in Bhuj. Shopping in Bhuj is very interesting experience because the shopkeepers dress up their traditional clothes. People coming for Shopping should know bargaining as shopkeepers charge high prices on their items because they are familiar that shoppers will bargain on their items. People of Bhuj follow their traditional style for displaying their handicrafts and artworks.

Bhuj Shopping Places

Bhuj Shopping Places Bhuj Shopping Places includes Bhujodi, Ashapura Crafts Park, Shrujan. Bhujodi is a little town mostly famous for its handicrafts. Bhujodi is well known as a textile center of Kutch. Bhujodi is to the southeast of bhuj, the distance between bhujodi and bhuj is just 8 kilometers. The majority of the peoples living in bhujodi are working in the textile industry that is in the handicraft production. In Bhujodi, you can see mostly people engaged in artworks like weaving, tie-dying, blocking printing, etc. Some people may also allow you to watch them working. There are many Handicraft shops put up by the local people of Bhuj.

Famous Shopping Places in Bhuj are Ashapura Crafts Park started by a corporate non-profit wing, with an aim to help artisans and craftsmen's. This craft park is just a kilometer from Bhujodi town. The artisans and craftsmen's from Bhujodi and surrounding area bring their art work and sell their art work in this park. They also organize events on weekends, such as dance and musical events. Shrujan is also a local non-profit wing, mostly for women's. Women's from the nearby region work their especially on embroidery design and earn better life from it. The Shrujan campus also keeps embroidery exhibitions, so tourist can visit and buy beautiful embroidery clothing. Besides shopping, Bhuj is nice place for Tourism. Hotel in Bhuj are famous for their Kutchi foods, Hotel in Bhuj provide best facilities for accommodation. In this article you can also search about Bhuj Tour, Bhuj Car Rental, and Bhuj Tourism.