Bhuj Pin Code

Bhuj Pincode

Pin code / PIN number means Postal Index Number is a code or number used in post code system by the India Post. The PIN Code was established on 15 August 1972. The PIN Code is of six digits. The first number/digit of PIN code stands for the region. The Second number/digit of PIN code stands for the sub region. The Third number/digit of PIN code stands for the sorting district within the region. The final three digits/numbers are allotted to individual post offices.
The Bhuj Pin Code number is 370001. This Bhuj Pin Code article shows the Pin code of Bhuj city areas. This Pincode of Bhuj section may also help you during travelling Bhuj Tour and visiting various Bhuj Attractions and tourist places near Bhuj. This Bhuj Pincode article also may help to find Bhuj Post Office.
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Pin Code of Bhuj

List of Pincode of Bhuj city areas are given below:
Area Name Pincode City Anandsar 370610 Bhuj Ashram Chakar 370105 Bhuj Baladia 370427 Bhuj Bhagadia 370001 Bhuj Bharapar 370427 Bhuj Bharasar 370030 Bhuj Bhirandiara 370510 Bhuj Bhuj B S F Camp 370015 Bhuj Bhuj Darbargadh Chowk 370001 Bhuj Bhuj Din Dayal Nagar 370002 Bhuj Bhuj 370001 Bhuj Bhuj Ravalwadi 370001 Bhuj Bhujodi 370020 Bhuj Bsf Camp Khavda 370510 Bhuj Budharmora 370020 Bhuj Chapredi 370105 Bhuj Chundi 370430 Bhuj Dagara 370020 Bhuj Dahisara 370485 Bhuj Deshalpar 370040 Bhuj Dhaneti 370020 Bhuj Dhoravar 370510 Bhuj Dhori 370001 Bhuj Dhrang 370001 Bhuj Dhrobana 370510 Bhuj Dinara 370510 Bhuj Dumado 370510 Bhuj Fotdi 370040 Bhuj Gajod 370430 Bhuj Godpar 370485 Bhuj Gorevali 370510 Bhuj Habay 370001 Bhuj Hajapar 370105 Bhuj Hodka 370510 Bhuj Javaharnagar 370020 Bhuj Juna 370510 Bhuj Kali Talawali 370105 Bhuj Kanaiyabe 370020 Bhuj Kera 370430 Bhuj Khari 370510 Bhuj Khavda 370510 Bhuj Kodki 370030 Bhuj Kotay 370001 Bhuj Kotda (Reha) 370105 Bhuj Kukma 370105 Bhuj Kunariya (K) 370510 Bhuj Kunariya 370001 Bhuj Kuran 370510 Bhuj Kurbai 370030 Bhuj Lakhond 370105 Bhuj Lodai 370001 Bhuj Loria 370001 Bhuj Madhapar 370020 Bhuj Mamuara 370020 Bhuj Mankuwa 370030 Bhuj Meghpar 370430 Bhuj Mirzapar 370001 Bhuj Misariado 370510 Bhuj Mithadi 370510 Bhuj Mota Bandra 370105 Bhuj Nadapa 370020 Bhuj Nagor 370001 Bhuj Naranpar 370430 Bhuj Padhar 370105 Bhuj Ratiya 370040 Bhuj Reha 370105 Bhuj Samtra 370040 Bhuj Samtra 370040 Bhuj Sarli 370485 Bhuj Sukhpar 370040 Bhuj Sumrasar (S) 370001 Bhuj Sumrasar Jat 370030 Bhuj Tb Sanatorium 370427 Bhuj Vadasar 370445 Bhuj Vadzar 370427 Bhuj Varli 370130 Bhuj Zinkdi 370001 Bhuj Zura 370001 Bhuj