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Bhuj Pictures shows various Bhuj Tourist Attractions. Bhuj Pictures article contains Shree Swaminarayan Temple Pictures, Aina Mahal Bhuj Pictures, Kutch Museum Pictures, Hill Garden Pictures, Prag Mahal Pictures, Bhujodi Bhuj Pictures, Hamirsar Lake Bhuj Images, Sharad Baug Palace Bhuj Images, Darbargadh Bhuj Image, and Narayan Sarovar Bhuj Image. This makes clear on Bhuj Photos Gallery that the History of Bhuj was very rich and spirited. Bhuj Photos Gallery takes you to a Bhuj Tour. You can also search Bhuj Hotels in this Pictures of Bhuj article.

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj is a Hindu temple. This temple was built by Bhagwan Swaminarayan near the banks of Hamirsar Lake. This temple is made of pure gold and pure marble. The domes and doors of the temple are made of gold. The pillars and ceilings of temple are made of pure marble.

Aina Mahal Bhuj

Aina Mahal Bhuj was built in 1750 AD by Rao Lakhpatji. This Palace is very unique and attractive. Design of Palace is influenced by the European. The walls of the palace are made of marbles. The walls of the hall of mirrors were made of marble and are covered with mirrors.

Kutch Museum

Kutch museum is a very old museum and very famous for its unique collections of Kshatrapa inscriptions, embroidery work, rare Kutch silver, golden work, textiles, wood work, old utensils, arms, sculpture and unique metal work, paintings, musical instruments.

Hill Garden Bhuj

Hill Garden is a unique and famous garden of Bhuj. It is very popular attraction in Bhuj. The opening of this garden was done by the chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Hill Garden has Amphitheater, Boating, giant wheel, etc. There are also many rides for children in the garden. The garden also has restaurant and museum.

Prag Mahal Bhuj

Prag Mahal Bhuj is very unique Mahal built in the Italian Gothic style influenced from European. The Palace was built by Rao Pragmalji II. The Mahal is very famous for its bell tower.

Bhujodi Bhuj

Bhujodi bhuj is a small town to the southeast of bhuj just 8 km from bhuj. Bhujodi is famous as textile center of Kutch. Majority of the peoples living in bhujodi are engaged in handicraft art works like embroidery, weaving, tie-dying, blocking printing. People can also buy handicrafts from the craftsman itself.

Hamirsar Lake Bhuj

Hamirsar Lake is a beautiful place to visit. The surroundings of the lake are very scenic and beautiful. People come to spent time near lake, swim, and walk along the lake side. Tourist attractions like Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum are close to Hamirsar Lake.

Sharad Baug Palace Bhuj

Sharad Baug Palace was the house of the Royal family of MadanSingh. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens which serve as a resting ground for migratory birds. There are various medicinal and flowering plants in the garden. This is beautiful place to visit and see the migratory birds, flowering plants, etc.