Bhuj People

People of Bhuj

People of Bhuj Bhuj native language is Gujarati, but Hindi language is also spoken in bhuj. The total population of bhuj city as of 2008 is 289,429. People of Bhuj are very unique and friendly. They have very kindliness about their guest and they welcome their guests with so much of love. Bhuj People are very creative, the culture of bhuj clearers the creativity of Bhuj people. Houses of People in Bhuj are often decorated with designs made from mud, cow dung or camel dung, clay slip, and mirrors. People in Bhuj are famous for their jolly nature; they relax near the surrounding of Hamirsar Lake. Shop keepers of Bhuj are friendly with their customers. Shop keepers of Bhuj wear their traditional costumes and represents Bhuj Culture. People of Bhuj are not only creative but also very talented. People in Bhuj are also famous for their traditional dance and music. Bhuj city is also famous for its Desert Utsav. Talent of Bhuj People can be seen in Desert Utsav were people take part in various activities such as kite flying, camel cart racing, traditional dance and music.

Bhuj Handicrafts

Bhuj Handicrafts are very popular. Bhuj people are famous for their handicraft work, such as embroidery (aari, aahir, chakan, gotanv, jatfakira, jatgarasiya, kambira and khuditebha, katri, kharek, mukko, neran, pakko, rabari, soof), bandhni (tie and Dye), leather work, block-printing, heavy silver jewelry and woodcarving. Also, artists from surrounding villages bring their art work in bhuj for sale. The people from surrounding towns and villages comes to Bhuj, see the handicraft art work done by the artisans and buy crafts directly from them, thus creates a relationship between the craftsmen and buyer, and income goes directly to craftsmen. There is a village called Bhujodi just a kilometer from Bhuj were most of the people are engaged in handicrafts and artworks. There is a Crafts Park called as Ashapura Crafts Park where people can buy beautiful and colourful embroidery clothes. This Ashapura Crafts Park is a nonprofit Crafts Park, were women's from Bhuj town go for working, for making embroidery clothing.