Bhuj Festival

Bhuj Festivals

There are many Bhuj Festivals. The most famous and very popular festival among Bhuj Festivals is the Rann Utsav also called as Desert Utsav. Tourist from all over the world comes to see the beauty of this Bhuj Festival.

Rann Utsav Bhuj

Rann Utsav Bhuj The Rann Utsav Bhuj Festival is a beautiful and lovely festival. It is a festival of music, and dance. It is celebrated mainly during the full Moon night. Rann means Desert; the festival is beautiful because of the Moon light that reflects its light on the white Rann that is Desert. Rann Utsav Bhuj Festival is celebrated every year and starts from December and is celebrated till Holi. People from all over the world visit this festival to enjoy Bhuj Culture and to see the heavenly beauty of nature, when the moon light falls on the white desert, which makes the desert view like milky color and feels as if it's the heaven on earth. This Bhuj festival includes Traditional Cultural Dance of the people, Cultural shows, Camel Safari, Musical shows. The main attraction of this festival is the exhibitions of Handicrafts such as embroidery clothing, bandini sarees, silver and gold jewelry. Tourist can also shop these Handicrafts directly from the artisans. People who love to explore historical places will love to visit Historical sites such as Palaces, Forts, and Wild Life Sanctuary.

Activities held during Rann Utsav Festival are Camel Cart Riding, Shopping Zone which includes exhibitions of Handicrafts such as Embroidery Clothing, Bandini Sarees, Silver and Gold Jewelry, Gaming Area for visitors, Spa Centre for visitors, Yoga and Meditation Centre for visitors, Dirt Biking, Music Concerts, Cultural Dance Shows such as Garba, Dandiya Raas, Tours Visit such as Indo Pak Border Visit, Mandavi Beach Visit, Sightseeing Visit which includes visit to Black Hill, visit to a White Dessert, visit to a Hodka Village. The Bhuj city has many Luxury and Deluxe Hotels for Accommodation during this festival and Bhuj Tour.

The activities performed during Rann Utsav Festival are:

31st Dec Night: Celebration of New Year.

14th January: Kite Flying Festival Celebration.

26th January: Republic Day Celebration.

14th February: Valentines Day's Celebration and Gala Dinner on White Rann.

March: Holi Celebration in Bhuj