Bhuj by Air

Bhuj city has its own Air Port, which is named as Bhuj Air Port. It is a domestic airport. The Total area of this airport is about 832 acres (337 ha). The distance between the Bhuj airport and the Indo-Pakistan border is 30 miles (48 km). There is a very interesting history of this airport. Previously it was built to work as a military base for the Air Force known as Bhuj Rudra Mata Air Force Base. Then two buildings were constructed near the Air Force, where constructed for Indian Airlines and Jet Airways. Later, the domestic terminal of this airport was established, and it started in 2003, and domestic flights begin to fly to various cities through Bhuj.

The airport has only one terminal, which works for both arrivals and departures of the passengers. About 350 passengers can be handled by the terminal, at the same time. The area of the ground floor of the airport is about 71,920 square feet (6,682 square meters). The area of the first floor of the airport is about 14,880 square feet (1,382 square meters). There are two boarding gates in this airport, and about 200 peoples can arrive and 200 peoples can depart at the same time. It has five counters, four check-in counters and one security counter. It has only one entry gate and only one x-ray luggage scanner. Approximately, 4,039 passengers arrive and 3,636 passengers depart per month in Bhuj airport.

The facilities provided by this airport are very good. For Baggage services, you will get a free trolley for luggage, which is a good service provided by this airport. There are counters for lost and found baggage's, where people can enquire about their lost baggage's, and for the security purpose of the airport and the passengers, x-ray baggage scanner are also available at the time of arrival and departure of passengers. There are so many shops in the airport, provided by the Airport authority, for buying necessary things while traveling such as medicines, newspapers. There are also many food shops in the airport for passengers, so that peoples can buy their favorite foods while leaving. The transport facility is also very good, the distance between the bus stand and Air Port is of 4.2 km, and taxis are also available. The distance between the railway station and Air Port is 3.4 km; also state bus services are available from railway station to bhuj airport. There are many Flights to Bhuj. You can travel Bhuj by Air from various cities. Bhuj by Air also helps to find Bhuj Hotels, Bhuj Car Rental, Luxury Hotels in Bhuj, and Bhuj Tour.

Flights to Bhuj

There are many Flights to Bhuj that is from major cities to Bhuj like Mumbai to Bhuj Flight, Ahmedabad to Bhuj Flight, Pune to Bhuj Flight, and Jaipur to Bhuj Flight. The following section shows the details of Flights to Bhuj from major cities to Bhuj like departure time, arrival time, airlines, flight numbers and days of operation.

Flights from Bhuj

There are many Flights from Bhuj to various cities such as Bhuj to Mumbai flights, Flights from Bhuj to Ahmedabad, Flights from Bhuj to Pune, Flights from Bhuj to Jaipur, Flights from Bhuj to Delhi, etc.

Mumbai to Bhuj Flight

Mumbai to Bhuj by Air, there are various Flights from Mumbai to Bhuj. The following are the few Mumbai to Bhuj Flight, given below:
Departure Arrival Airlines Flight Numbers Days 6:40 AM 8:45 AM JetLite 3535 Regular 6:40 AM 8:45 AM Jet Konnect 2535 Regular 4:25 PM 5:55 PM JetLite 5795 Daily 4:25 PM 5:55 PM Jet Airways 0329 Regular 13:05 14:20 Jet Airways 9W 2533 Tue 13:00 14:45 Jet Airways 9W 2533 W,Thu,F,Sa 13:00 14:45 Jet Airways 9W 2533 Daily Ex Tue 13:05 14:20 Jet Airways 9W 2533 Tue 13:20 14:40 Jet Airways 9W 2047 Daily 13:00 14:45 Jet Airways 9W 2533 Daily Ex M,Tu 13:00 14:45 Jet Airways 9W 2533 Daily 06:05 07:15 Air-India AI9625 tue,w,thu,f,sa 06:40 08:45 Jetair 9W2535 Regular 16:25 17:55 Jetair 9W329 Regular 06:30 07:50 Jet Airways 9W7359 Tue 06:30 07:50 JetLite S24535 Tue 07:05 08:50 JetLite S23535 Regular 13:30 14:45 JetLite S23960 Regular 14:50 16:10 Jet Airways 9W327 Regular

Ahmedabad to Bhuj Flight

You can travel Ahmedabad to Bhuj by air. Some of the Ahmedabad to Bhuj Flight is as follows:
Departure Arrival Airlines Flight Numbers Days 07:10 16:40 Air India AI614 Daily 07:15 16:40 Jetlite S23910 Mon,Tue,Fri 07:15 16:40 JetLite S25044 Regular 07:20 16:35 Jet Airways 9W338 Regular 11:00 08:55 Jet Airways 9W2417 Daily Ex Sun 11:00 08:55 JetLite S23417 Daily Ex Sun

Delhi to Bhuj Flight

Travel Delhi to Bhuj by air. Delhi to Bhuj flight are given in the following table:
Departure Arrival Airlines Flight Numbers Days 04:00 16:40 Air India AI349 M,W,F,Su 05:30 08:45 Jetlite S23318 Fri 06:00 16:40 Air India AI688 Regular 06:50 16:35 Jet Airways 9W332 Regular 07:00 16:40 Air India AI657 Dialy 07:10 16:40 Jetlite S25041 Daily Ex Fri 08:05 16:35 Jet-Airways 9W336 Daily

Pune to Bhuj Flight

You can go Pune to Bhuj by air. The Following table shows some Pune to Bhuj flight:
Departure Arrival Airlines Flight Numbers Days 17:40 16:35 Jet-Airways 9W617 Daily 05:50 16:40 Jet Airways 9W2363 Daily 05:50 16:40 JetLite S23363 Daily 06:05 16:35 Jet Airways 9W2573 Daily 06:05 16:35 Jetlite S23573 Daily 07:40 16:40 Air India AI852 Daily Ex Fri 11:05 16:40 Jetlite S25032 Daily Ex Mo,Tu 11:05 16:40 Jet Airways 9W796 Daily

Jaipur to Bhuj Flight

The table below will help you which show some of the Jaipur to bhuj flight:
Departure Arrival Airlines Flight Numbers Days 07:55 16:10 Jet Airways 9W7178 Daily Ex Mon 07:55 08:45 Jetlite S24180 Wed 07:55 08:45 Jet Airways 9W7038 Wed 08:25 16:45 Jetlite S24056 Dialy 14:30 08:50 Air India AI612 Dialy 20:50 16:35 Jetlite S23054 Daily