About Bhuj

Bhuj, the most beautiful, walled city in Kutch district, Gujarat, was founded in the year 1510 by a local ruler, called Maharao Hamir. In 1549, another ruler named Rao Khengarji I, made this beautiful town the capital of his kingdom. Later, Bhuj stayed as an independent princely state throughout the British rule. In the year of 1947 when India gained independence, it became a part of the country. Bhuj is now the headquarters of the district.

Bhuj is very much famous for its havelis that are constructed in the traditional Kutch style. Bhuj is also famous for its monuments and other buildings.

Bhuj witnesses to many important events and civilizations, the prehistoric archaeological finds, such as the remains of Indus Valley Civilization also known as Harappans Civilization, the exile of the pandavas during Mahabharata and the capture of Alexander, palaces and buildings built during the rule of Naga chiefs, the reign of Jadeja Rajputs during which bhuj became important as a city, the Gujarat Sultans, and the British Raj. The city has developed a trading and migratory relationship with ancient civilizations of abroad such as Zanzibar, the Middle East and Greece over 4000 years of inhabitation.

Bhuj city is famous for the Hall of Mirrors at the Aina Mahal, the bell tower of the Prag Mahal. Bhuj is well known for its Kutchi pau bhaji, In Kutch Museum, you can see, 2000 years old Kshatrapa inscriptions, carvings of Ramayana characters at the Ramakund stepwell and roam around Hamirsar Lake.

Bhuj is also pretty famous for handicrafts. Embroidery is the most important handicraft in this region. There are some villages in Bhuj which are rich in craft and culture. The houses in these villages are decorated both from the outside and inside with linear reliefs made of mud and mirrors. This sections gives basic information About Bhuj like Bhuj pin code is 370001. Population of Bhuj as of 2008 is 289,429. Bhuj language is Gujarati and Hindi. Bhuj STD code is 2832.

Bhuj Weather

Summers are hot in Bhuj. The approximate temperature range is from 22 degree celsius to 40 degree celsius in summer. In monsoon season, rains are heavy in the month of June. The best time is winter season. In winter season, temperature ranges from 8 degree celsius up to 35 degree celsius. Find out more about Bhuj Weather by clicking the below link.
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Bhuj News

This section deals with the Bhuj news. Find out the latest news about Bhuj like information about famous Bhuj Festival that is Rann Utsav. Bhuj news article shows all latest news in the town. Read latest news about Bhuj by clicking on the below link.
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Bhuj Tourist Attractions

Bhuj Tourist Attractions Best Bhuj Tourist Attractions are Kutch Museum, built by the state engineer Sir Ferguson, thus previously was known as Fergusson Museum. The Kutch museum is very famous and has a large collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions, various archaeological objects, is one of the best Bhuj Tourist Attractions. The Prag Mahal is very famous for its bell tower. The Aina Mahal Palace is very famous for its hall of mirrors. Aina Mahal is a unique Indian palace built in the mid of eighteenth century is also one of the best Bhuj Tourist Attractions. The Cenotaphs Complex also known as chhatardis, this complex was built in the shape of a polygon. Hamirsar Lake is famous for its beautiful surroundings. To know more about Bhuj Tourist Attractions go to below link.
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History of Bhuj

History of Bhuj History of Bhuj is very rich and spirited. There is a hill known as Bhujiyo Dungar on the eastern side of Bhuj, on which there is a Bhujia Fort. The old Bhuj city was surrounded by the Bhujia Fort, which had 35 feet high walls and towers. Much of the fort wall has fallen down because of the earthquake of 2001 or demolished due to the city's development. Bhuj also known as the walled city is situated in the Kutch district of Gujarat, got its name from the Bhujia fortress. In 1510, Bhuj was founded by the local ruler named Maharao Hamir. Bhuj became important as a city in mid of sixteenth century. Read more about History of Bhuj by clicking the below link.
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Bhuj Travel

Bhuj Travel Travel in Bhuj would take to an era of Havelis and Mahals. It shows the rich history of Bhuj. Bhuj Travel will give detail information about the places to visit in Bhuj, the unique temples of Bhuj, attractive gardens in Bhuj, Lakes of Bhuj, unique Mahals, Places to visit near Bhuj, Hotel in Bhuj, Best Hotel in Bhuj, Cheap Hotel in Bhuj, Luxury Hotels in Bhuj, Bhuj Tour. Find out more about Bhuj Travel.

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Best Time to Visit Bhuj

Bhuj is a city which has a pleasant temperature. In summer season, the temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius, summers are hot in Bhuj, minimum temperature in Bhuj is ranging from 22 degree Celsius and rises up to 40 degree celsius. In monsoon season, this city gets rain in the months of June, July, August and September; a rain is heavy in the month of June and is also a best time to visit Bhuj. In winter season, temperature ranges from 8 degree celsius up to 35 degree celsius. The Best time to visit Bhuj is during winter season, people can also visit in monsoon season.

Bhuj People

Bhuj People are very famous for their jolly nature. They are very friendly and welcome their guest with so much of love. Bhuj People are well known for their handicrafts such as bandhni, leather work, embroidery clothing, block-printing, heavy silver jewelry and woodcarving. People from other cities and towns come to Bhuj and buy handicrafts directly from the artist. To know more about Bhuj People click below link.
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Information about Bhuj

Some basic information about Bhuj such as Bhuj District, Bhuj State, Pin Code of Bhuj, Bhuj Area, etc. Information about Bhuj is shown below:

Country India State Gujarat District Kutch Municipality Bhuj Municipality Founded By Rao Hamirji Government Municipal Corporation Elevation 110m (360ft) Population 289,429 (2008) Languages Gujarati, Hindi Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30) Pin code 370001 STD Code 2832